Prototyping boards for SparkCore


I've been using my SparkCore's a lot for a variety of projects, One thing I've wanted was a simple prototyping board for the SparkCore, as there wasn't one available I decided to make one.

I've designed this prototyping shield for those small projects with just a few components and keeping it small just like the SparkCore.

Available on Tindie now

Comes with female headers so you can easily attach and remove you core from the protoboard.

  • Each SparkCore pin is connected to the hole on either side, so you have one spot for each pin inside the prototyping area and one on the outside of the core for connecting to external components.
  • There are additional connected pins for GND, VIN & 3V3
  • Clear labelling on both sides
  • Mounting holes

SparkCore in photoes not included for illustrative purposes only



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