What I learnt about reflow this week.


So my second go with my reflow oven was a bit of a fail. So time for some more learning from the internet and testing.

Things I now know.

  • The T962 oven uses infrared heating element, thus black IC’s heat up faster than other components and white things like the WS2812’s I was trying to reflow will reflect heat and need a bit of a longer time to reflow properly.
  • I rate SparkFun Rejuvenating Solder Paste with Tim Holmberg
  • Adafruit also has a great series of pages on SMT Manufacture
  • Adafruit recommend these SMT Stencil Wipes but so far baby wipes seem like a fairly good alternative.
  • The sparkfun Solder Paste Stenciling tutorial is well written, funny and made me think a bit more about the saftey aspect. Wear gloves and read the material safety data sheet’s

I've been getting great results cutting my own stencils, I'll save the details for another post soon.



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